Read and Review Program – FAQ

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Which services does the Read & Review Program offer?
If your book is accepted into the program, the fee will cover advertising space in our newsletter (more than once if needed) as well as advertising space on our R&R page.  We will send you names and email addresses of interested readers as they sign up (for your mailing list), and we will email your book to them.  They will be expressively reminded to never share your book with anyone else.

We will also follow up with the readers on day 14 and on day 21 after requesting your eBook to remind them to leave a review. We are offering “leads”, meaning email addresses of interested readers who have specifically signed up to read your book.  We will continue to feature the book until enough readers have requested or reviewed the book – for up to 9 months.  In addition, you, the author, have the choice to exit the program early and receive no-cost-to-you book promos as compensation.

Can I feature a Pre-Release book?
Yes you can! This would help give your book a great boost right at the start! 🙂

What are your requirements in order for a book to be enrolled in the Read & Review Program?
There are no special requirements to be enrolled in the R&R Program. It is not necessary for the book to be of a certain length or to have a certain number of reviews already. However, please note that if your book is not a “quality book”, it may not receive the best reviews possible. You, as the author, take the risk. So, it is in your best interest to make sure that your book is of good quality.

Which book format should I gift?
The choice is yours! Some authors prefer MOBI files while others opt for PDF files. Some authors have even opted to gift Smashwords coupons.  You, the author, and not allowed to use a third-party service that advertises a competitor’s product (such as InstaFreebie). We will distribute the eBooks personally to the interested readers who have specifically sign up for your book.

How many books will I need to give out?
We will send you a minimum of 30 interested readers who signed up to read and review your eBook. However, given that it is likely that not all readers will review your book, we will do our best to send you up to 30 – 33 interested readers.  Premium R&R Features will receive an extra 20 readers.

Am I, the author, allowed to contact the readers?
Yes absolutely! As a matter of fact, we hope that you will gain a few fans in the process! Authors who have gone through the program report having received emails from readers who are excited about their book and purchased and reviewed additional books by the same author as well. Take good care of those readers! Maybe they’ll become part of your “street team” — a group of very interested readers who can not wait to read and review your future books!

When signing up for a book, readers are informed that may be added to your mailing list and are free to unsubscribe if they don’t wish to stay on it.

Are the readers compensated for reading the book and posting a book review?
No. Our readers enjoy receiving free books they are interested in and post their reviews on a voluntary basis. These readers are not employed by us and are not compensated in any other way. Thus, all we do is ask them to leave a review.  Our experience has been so far that about 40-60% will leave a review.

If for any reason your book does not reach the 40-60% review rate, we will continue to advertise your book to find more readers for you. In the end, we want you to be happy with the program and its results.

Do all books receive the same response?
Not at all. Some books will receive all of their interested readers in one day, while other books may take months to receive the required response. It really all depends on what kind of books our readers are looking for at that particular time. While our list of “R&R graduates” includes (almost) all genres, romance and mystery books tend to do best.

Do you offer any guarantees?

If for any reason a book does not reach the advertised number of interested readers or the 40-60% review rate, we will continue to advertise the book to find more readers – for up to 9 months from the book’s first R&R newsletter feature.  If for any reason a book does not have enough interested readers after 9 months, the book will be taken out of the R&R Program and you, the author, will receive 1 free Standard or Premium Book Boost Feature as compensation (depending on which R&R promotion you signed up for).

Alternatively, you may choose to exit the program early and receive 1 free Book Boost as compensation (2 in case of Premium R&R’s).  

Can I send additional free eBooks to the readers we sent your way?
Yes.  Once readers are on your mailing list, you will be able to contact them just as you would any other of your readers and fans.  Just always be sure to allow the readers to unsubscribe from your mailing list, if they wish to do so.  

Can I use a service like InstaFreebie or any other which advertises a competing product to distribute your book to our interested readers?
Unfortunately, we have to give a big ‘No’ on that one. You know, since they advertise a competing product… 🙂

Can I use the R&R Program while my book is enrolled in KDP or a similar program?
It is up to the author to make sure he/she complies with any and all agreements made. 

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions that apply to the R&R Program?
The Standard Terms and Conditions apply. In addition, the R&R Program terms apply as well.


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