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Book Boost was created to bring special attention to “Hot New Releases & Readers’ Favorites“!

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1. Hot New Releases

Do you have a New Release (newer book with fewer than 10 reviews on Amazon), but most sites won’t promote it because it doesn’t have enough reviews yet? — Then this is Your Launch Pad!


2. Readers’ Favorites

Does your established book (average Amazon rating of 3.8 stars or more) need some extra attention? — Then let’s give your book the boost it needs!

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1. 3 newsletter and website features within a 4 week period

2. Dedicated Social Media Coverage (for Premium Boosts)

3. Placement on the new “Hot New Releases & Readers’ Favorites” page

… all for less than the cost of 2 features!

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- Hot New Release: newer book, few or no reviews yet
- Readers' Favorite: established book, well-rated (3.8 stars+)

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