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Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living
by Don Welch
Genre: Other

Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living

All too often, public conversation is reduced to sound bites — which is to say, to no conversation at all. Sound bites are shortcuts that allow us to skip over meaningful engagement with others. They are used for their attention-getting power, not for their informational value. They are simple, easy to remember, but are never the whole story.
Opening Thoughts on Everyday Living: Digging Deeper, Looking Farther provides an alternative to sound bites in the form of short bites. Written in compact pieces, this book is designed to foster a deeper consideration of the issues we all face. These personal reflections are expressed through stories, essays, poems, songs, and observations, and are the result of a conscious effort to engage critically with the world.
An invitation to look below the surface and beyond first appearances, each short bite acts as a transformational journey. The first step is understanding another point of view, and the end result is nothing short of revelatory…

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