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Kindred Web (Book 3 Kindred Chronicles)
by Denelda Bendsen
Genre: Other

Kindred Web (Book 3 Kindred Chronicles)

Lovers of strong women, sweet romance, quirky twisted time travel, and magical realism will become invested in Angela’s mission in this fast-moving Book Three of the Kindred Chronicles.
Angela Penner, a young mother in 1990 Des Moines, risks everything to rescue her maternal family line through time travel.
This tangled web challenges the teenaged twins born of Angela’s high school mishap. Will they have the courage and maturity to succeed where their mother failed?
The stakes have never been higher for Angela as her relationship with her husband is threatened by her ability to travel.
Not every woman in peril deserves rescue, and, for those who do, the consequences may come with too high a price.

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